Get Inventing

Feeling inspired? Here are lots of resources and activities to help you get inventing and making.

Upload your invention ideas for a chance to win a Little Inventors Go Green! book.

Have a go at the Pioneers Energy Challenge

Scientists all agree: we have to change how we live so we can take better care of our planet, and even possibly reverse the damage we have already done. The way we produce and use energy is the biggest reason for pollution on Earth.

Create your invention

Invention Challenge Sheet

Draw your invention on the invention sheet which you can download here and print off at home.

Resources for Teachers

Can you think up invention ideas to generate energy, save energy or use energy better?

Download our Pioneers Challenge Resource Pack

Creative Incubator Session

Developing Ideas

Download your very own Inventor's Log and use it to develop your idea even further.

Get making!

This section is all about creating a model of your idea and telling others about it.

Add part 2 to your Inventor's Log. Download Pioneers inventors log - prototyping

Get making with Lottie Smith

For more tips on making models of your invention, cardboard artist Lottie Smith has created this great pack with top tips and some handy 'how-to' videos.

These are just two of twelve videos available. View the full playlist on YouTube.

Lottie has also developed a full resource pack available to download.

Launch workshop at Kirklevington Primary school on 13th September 2019 ⓒNorth News/Little Inventors Worldwide
Energy Workshop Wintertide Festival

Create an exhibition

Part three of your Inventor's Log is all about creating your own exhibition to show off your ideas. We've teamed up with Preston Park Museum and Tees Valley Museums so you have got expert advice!

Further resources

If you are enjoying creating your own exhibition there are lots of great activities and resources online through Tees Valley Museums and Preston Park Museum for both kids and teachers.


Little Inventors Challenges

There are lots of other Little Inventors challenges to take part in.


Our wonderful books help dream up fantastical, funny or perfectly practical inventions with no limits, and encourage budding inventors to think big and have fun with their imaginations!