Age 8
Northumberland, UK

Even though Jessica is one of our youngest Pioneers, she has come up with a big idea. The Rubby-Glovey-Frictionator creates sustainable energy when you rub the plate using the special gloves. The invention has been brought to life as an animation with Jessica collaborating with animator Gary Pogue.


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The Inventor
Hexham, Northumberland, UK
Gary Pogue
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
The Maker

Invention Story

The Idea!

"It creates energy using friction to charge your devices. Put on the gloves, hold the energy maker and rub it quickly. It uses friction to make electricity which is stored in the energy track. Plug in your phone and charge it."


Jessica developed her invention further at our Preston Park Museum workshop by designing accessories to make it easier to take out and about, by thinking about how the Rubby-Glovey-Frictionator would be used.

Jessica continued to work on the Rubby Glovey Frictionator at home in her Inventor's Log, creating a logo and thinking about how this invention could be modified for different users.

Jessica created this amazing prototype of the Rubby-Glovey-Frictionator invention from materials that she gathered at home.

It helped her explain her idea to animator Gary Pogue  when  they met with over video. She told Gary her which were the colours and materials that she had in mind for her invention.

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Jessica also created this great video to talk through how it works and further communicate her ideas. Well done!

The Maker said...

Early modelling stages

So far I have been making a few mood boards for each asset that I need to make.
I have mainly focused on the rubber glove model and explored what the friction ball may look like.

The Maker said...

Rubby Glove Progress

Today I have been exploring more about what the Rubby gloves may look like if they were a real world product. I feel I ...

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The Maker said...

Inside the energy track

Over the past few days I have been working on the animation for inside the energy track!

The idea is that we get ...

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The Maker said...

Frictionator progress

Today I have made some progress on the Frictionator. We can now start to see what it would look like in real life! I have installed the power indicator lights and energy track.

The Maker said...

Friction balls

I have been working on the design of the friction balls. It's been tough trying to decide how big, how many and what colour to make them! I loved the fun bright colours of the balls on the prototype Jessica made, so I have tried to combine the drawing with the prototype adding little details also. Jessica said she liked the idea of the main part of the gloves being the classic marigold washing up gloves which I thought was great too so I have kept that part the same.

Jessica seems to be a natural inventing machine! We love the Snail Zoomatron and the Spaghetti Clamp and we all need a Burger Stapler to stop our burgers falling apart!

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