The Power Tree - Details by Carys Lewis

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Details by Carys Lewis

After I'd modelled out all the assets for the animation, it was time to add materials to them, which is what makes them colourful and textured in the final render. I used Pixar's Renderman to render out my work, which is what Pixar use for their animated films to make them look really beautiful. I decided to give the tree a glass material so you can see how all the wires inside connect to the leaves, and so you can see the generator spinning as the leaves collect energy. After I'd added all the materials, I rendered out a couple of frames from the day scene, and from the night scene to see how they'd look. I took them into Photoshop to add little details like the stars, as I'll be adding those in after I've done all the 3D work, and it's always good to get an idea of how everything will look before you render it all out.

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