First Steps

The Maker said...

First Steps

"Woah, Roxanne's idea is super cool! I would love to live in a future where all of our electricity came from solar animals! I'm going to make a 3D animation so we can see what that might look like.

What I will make:

  • I will make a virtual film set which goes through how Solar Tron works (1 scene, maybe split into a couple of shots)
  • Solar Tron moves into the shot, stops centre frame.
  • Some kind of indication that the sun is beating down on Solar Tron (i.e. wiggly lines)
  • The sun goes down. Night time.
  • The Solar Tron glows to show it has full power
  • Energy is released into the houses and the lights turn on in the houses.
  • Solar Tron exits frame.
  • Sun comes up to create a looping animation.


In the original design the Solar Tron walks around to collect sunlight. I think that if this were to work in the real world the design will need to touch the wires in some way to create a connection to the houses. I am wondering whether I could possibly do this with some kind of rail track like a train or a tram. The original design from Roxanne is amazing, and looks so much like a fox already, so I'm going to try and stay as close to that as possible.


I won't be aiming for a realistic CGI model but a slightly more stylised approach like the following:



Making of:

At regular intervals I will take a screenshot of the process to make a making of. Every so often I will cut into screen recording of the 3D software where you will be able to see what I'm making in more detail."

The Maker
Paul Trickett
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