Fox Sketches

The Maker said...

Fox Sketches

"I've been sketching a lot to try and work out what the Solar Tron will actually look like. I went through lots and lots of rough designs.

I was trying to work out how the fox could move around without needing a full moving body and keeping as close as possible to Roxanne's designs. I was playing with ideas of robotic foxes, foxes on the tops of trams and cars, and foxes coming in all shapes and sizes.

In the end I figured a good solution to all the problems was to make the fox float like a blimp. This meant I wouldn't have to animate a lot of body parts, it would be closer to the sun in order to collect as much sunlight as possible and I could connect it to some kind of moving cart so it can be transported around."

The Maker
Paul Trickett
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