Use less water

Age 10
Northumberland, UK

Erin's invention uses pedal energy instead of electricity to power showers, reducing energy use but also encouraging people to take shorter showers. We also like that it will get people working together and doing more exercise.

Use Less Water

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The Inventor
Prudhoe, Northumberland, UK
Whippet Up CIC
Artist collective
Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Redcar and Cleveland, UK
The Maker

Invention Story

The Idea!

"Most people use too much water for their showers, so for my invention, one person goes in the shower and the other person gets on the bike attached to the floor. They then peddle and when they start to get tired - or the person in the shower says stop - they stop. This will save water. It uses energy from humans, anyone can use it. It also keeps you fit!"


Jane and Paul from artist collective Whippet Up CIC met with Erin on a video call and they talked through how they planned to bring Use Less Water to life.

Erin joined our workshop at Preston Park Museum where she met the Little Inventors team and the rest of the Pioneers.

Erin has been doing lots of great work at home, exploring her idea using her Inventor's Log. We especially love the way she has told the story of her idea through words and drawings.

Erin has created this great drawing showing how the bike turbine will work, we love how much thought has gone into this. It's a lovely drawing too!

What a brilliant model Erin has made out of Lego at home, ingeniously using what she has to hand. It brings her idea to life and shows how the invention works.

The Maker said...

Use less water

We finally managed to find a female doll to be our cyclist. We had three barbie contenders but I think the nicest one won! Different members of our Whippet Up Wellbeing groups helped make many of the accessories including dressing our female cyclist, making a duck for the bath, crocheting a bath mat and even making a bath scrubber for action man in the bath out of an old toothbrush.

The Maker said...

After sourcing some bicycle parts and our dolls we decided they could do with them looking a bit less plastic and with a more realistic body ...

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Erin has so many ideas, inventing seems to be second nature to her. Her Extendo Shoes are another fun way to bring extra sport into our lives. We could all do with thinking a lot more like Erin!